Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Branches part one.

Part One

I am walking through a tunnel of branches, looking up at them every three minutes, making sure they won’t come down and grab me. Brrrrrr that was a cold wind. It felt like someone was breathing down my neck. So I turn around. A lot of rustling! Another indication that someone was following me! So I run, I run as fast as I can. through the tree tunnel and out into the open where my family was having a picnic.
"Did you get the juice?" mum asked.
"Y-y-yes I did" I made out at last.
"Good, are you all right cause you don’t seem all right" Mum said and she sounded worried.
"Mum of course I am alright it is just ------hey guys can you feel that ahhh what was that " I screamed.
"Well if my calculations are right then a thing called Hearse whisperer is coming soon cause a storm is how it travels” said Burto my brother.
“Um as I was saying before the storm hit mmm where was I? Oh thats right mum of course I am alright it is just---I got interupted by Burto who was saying “just get to the point already a storm is happening which is probably the Hearse whisperer AKA a killer”
“Ok, ok now where was I, oh thats right it is just that it felt like someone was following me and when I turned around there was a lot of rustling in the bushes,” I carried on from three minutes ago.
“Oh well you could have told us that before the killer came because that is really bad if that actually happened,” Burto replied worriedly.
“Of course it really happened do you think I am the kind of girl who says something really scary and then say oh no that was just a dream?” I said dramatically so that he thought twice about messing about with me.


  1. You really use your senses well to describe what is happening and build the tension, Casey.

    I look forward to reading the next chapter!

  2. Cool Casey I liked the topic that we did it was cool.

  3. Great work Casey. I love your story and cannot wait for part two. You have used your senses well. Well done:)