Thursday, August 23, 2012

The scary poem!

This is me and Katherine recording ourselves saying the scary poem and here it is so you can read along as well I hope you like it.

There once was a lizard that traveled through a snow blizzard.
He would creep out at night to have a fight while you go to sleep he would go beep like an alarm clock, he will come in and undo lock.

There was a moan outside and groan inside. What will it be? Lets go out and see.
We walked out of the castle and saw his muscle, and he scrambled us like eggs, then he hung us on the washing line by our legs with pegs.

Once we got down he stood there with a frown. His friend behind him was acting like a clown.

The clown was so scary we said oh my god you are so hairy the clown was embarrassed and had a fit but the evil lizard hit him and told him he was being a wuss.

The friends went back into the castle when we heard a hustle and bustle within the castles walls. When we turned around we saw  a mouse and then he said get out of my house.
There was a vampire eating garlic we thought this was odd but then he saw us and he jumped up and bit us in the neck but before we died we said: “What the heck?”


  1. Very cool Poem - you girls have worked well together and come up with a really neat result


  2. Very catchy!
    I love it
    You guys worked on that allot!

  3. Amazing Lizard!! I love our poem we wrote together and the divshare recording is cool too, and very catchy. What is your favroite part of the poem? Mine is the lizard in the snow blizzard.