Thursday, August 2, 2012

The Olympic Flame

I wait for John Key to light the Olympic torch. The crowd cheered hard out. Finally it is lit. I feel so proud as I hold the torch it has been my dream since I was a little kid. My eyes scan the crowd and there they are my family my little sister on my Dad’s shoulders and my Mum with the biggest grin on her face it makes me smile.Then when I stop smiling, well I can’t it is like it is stuck onto my face like a squirrel stuck to an acorn.

I look up and see a little dot and I think it is the next person. As I get closer I see that the person doesn’t have two legs it only has one and he carries a stick to help him walk, but I think to myself what sport he would be in he could be in swimming, he could be in any sport he wanted to be in...

“Hello hello is anybody home” I heard someone say.
“What” I replied, as I was awaking from my daydream. Finally I was awake and I saw the man with no leg. As I hand him the torch I hear him say ”can you please run with me and so we both can light the cauldron together”
“OK” I say back to him “ I would really like that”. It is a bumpy ride though because he only has one leg but it was really fun and exciting. When we got to the cauldron I help the man without a leg up the steps onto the platform were the cauldron is and he hands it over to a woman and she lights the cauldron then everyone cheers!

The End!!!         

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  1. Wow Lizard this is awesome.
    I really like your writing it is magnificent.