Thursday, August 2, 2012

The Great White Man Eating Shark!

Mr M read us a story but only half of the story and we had to make a ending for it and the story was The great white man eating shark. This is my ending for the story please read it and tell me what you think of it.

Mrs Scorpio was bobbing up and down in the waves harmlessly, until she was disturbed with a unwanted visitor and so she turned around to see who it was, when she turned around and she saw the dorsal fin of the great white man eating shark heading straight for her. She screamed and screamed but it was too late the great white man eating shark nipped her leg and it started bleeding. Then suddenly the sea around them turned red.

“AHHH!”  Shouted Mr Slim and everyone else as they hopped out of the water kicking and screaming. But Mrs Scorpio could not move because of the big gash in her leg that was bleeding hard out. But Norvin did not know about the shark although he could hear people screaming and so he went in the water so he could swim around the corner.

When he was around the corner he saw the shark and started to swim away from it, but the real shark was too fast and it had already seen him it was heading straight for him with her mouth right open and norvin was so scared he did something I would not like to repeat. But to Norvin's surprise the shark did not eat Norvin but she gave him a big sloppy kiss so they lived happily ever after. Well, Norvin did not but the shark did.


  1. Awesome ending Casey!
    What a fantastic ending Casey, I like the end were the shark kisses him. Well done!

  2. Wow Lizard I really like this.
    I would have to say that the end paragraph is perfect and very funny.

  3. Wow Casey! I love your ending. I like how it says that the sea turned red because a shark bit Miss Scorpio on the leg. WELL DONE! :c)

  4. Awesome Lizard.
    Your ending for the great white man eating shark. It is awesome.

    What was your favourite part in the story?