Friday, July 27, 2012

100 Throws and The Snail Race!!!

This is the one hundred throws game. What you had to do was get two dice and throw them one hundred times and as you were doing that you had to keep a tally chart. Then at the end you have to add all the tallies from one number and write the total and then you have to answer the questions and enter your results into the bar graph.  

This is me telling you about my results for one
hundred throws.

This is the snail race. What you had to to was well you had a sheet of paper and on there was 7 snails on it in an arrow shape. With 7 at the back and 12 and 2 at the front sort of. You roll two dice that go up to six on it and roll them and add them together and if it is a 7 you would move 7 one space. When you did that you had to answer. Watch the video above and see my results.  


  1. Excellent post, Casey.

    I especially like your videos. You use the language of probability well!

  2. Amazing Lizard! I like the videos you did and the photo too! WELL DONE! :-)

  3. Wow Lizard.
    You did those sheet so well you where really fast but you made such a cool post. Grat job.
    What did you find hard when you where doing those sheets?

  4. Awesome Casey!
    I like your video, your voice is very clear and you also showed you sheet in it too. Well done!