Monday, June 18, 2012

My term two reflection


My favourite in Reading has been my questions and answers.

Something I have learnt is that some people want to remove deer from New Zealand completely here is a link to my blog post.

My next step is to stop and take a breath at full stops.


This is my favourite writing here is a link to my favourite writing.

I am proud of this piece of writing because I have used heaps of punctuation in it and I like it here is the link to go to see it.

I have learnt...
  • How to make a proper sentence.
  • Punctuation.

My next step is to add punctuation

I like my blog because people can see what I have been up to and what work I have been doing and people can comment on my work.

This is my favourite post because it tells you all about New Zealand and what things are we endangering our native flora and fauna and what are helping them. click here if you want to see it.

I like commenting on blogs because It is a good way of letting them know what you think of their work
This is my favourite comment click here to see my favourite comment (link).


This is my favourite maths click here to view it

I a
proud of my maths knowledge test click here to view it.

I have learnt

  • about fractions

  • and decimals

Something I find challenging is decimals because it is confusing with the tenths hundredths and thousandths

My next step is improper fractions

What I think of my term two reflection

· Something I was pleased with was that I completed it and successfully put in links to the websites or my work on my blog.


  1. It is a really great post Casey
    I love your tagxedo its really great.

  2. That's a great reflection Casey.
    Whats your faviourite subject at school?
    Mines Reading and writing.