Wednesday, June 13, 2012

My Questions and Answers!

This is a native bird that is getting killed

1.  What could be brought in to stop the rabbits? Ferrets, stoats and weasels.

2. Who can not live 24 hours without enough food to eat? Stoats.

3.  Why might the farmers be laying poison? The mustelids weren’t killing the rabbits like planed.

4. How will we transport the animals to New Zealand? A boat.

5. Why should the rabbits be removed from NZ? The rabbits are destroying our hillsides and eating all of the grass.

1. How will we get rid of heather? The heather beetle.

2. Who will bulldoze and burn gorse? Farmers that don’t want gorse around.

3. How should we get rid of gorse? By pulling it out and bulldozing it down.

4. Who might be able to help get rid of our pests and plants? The D.O.C (Department of conservation) and the New Zealanders.

5. What could we do to help the  heather beetles eat the heather? Release them were the heather is.

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