Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Lorax

This is my visioning of the Lorax Mr M our teacher read us a book called The Lorax and we could do a drawing about it. 


  1. Great visualising Lizard.
    Your picture is outstandingly awesome.

    P.S. I fed your fog it was looking a little hungry.

  2. I like the picture too it is very good Casey

  3. Cool Casey!
    I like your visualising it is awesome!
    I like the picture with all the stumps and the factory producing Thneeds and pollution.
    What is your favourite part of the book The Lorax?

  4. Really clever use of Google drawing and your whiteboard sketch to create a great response to The Lorax.

    Well done, Casey. You are very creative!

  5. Well Done Lizard! I love how you did your revision on Google Drawing and your picture of your visualising really stands out. What part of the book did you like? WELL DONE:c)