Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Food scraps.

Food scraps.

Dear Parkvale School,

Each and every day a whopping amount of food scraps get dumped into our rubbish bins. However if we had separate bins then room 20 could put it in our worm farm.

If we have a fundraiser to raise some money we could buy separate bins for each class. One with food scraps, one with paper and cardboard,  one with plastic,  then with all the food scraps we could take them down to room 20 and give it to us because we have a worm farm that can recycle the food scraps instead of just throwing them away. Also if you throw them away it goes to the dump. Recycling food scraps is the right thing to do.

If we recycle food scraps then we could put them in room 20’s worm farm. Then we could use the worm’s toilet droppings and put them in the garden to make the plants grow wild and with all the plants growing it will look great.   

I say get separate bins and stop being litterbugs put a stop to littering!  Room 20 have  rubbish groups and one of the groups are food scraps and we are trying to recycle food scraps.

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