Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Deer debate.

Deers are apart of New Zealand they are pests though they eat our native plants which to some birds or other animals it is their home and when they go back to their home they think they are lost because they can’t find their home. When someone puts a fence around a certain area where the tree has been munched on for a month or so it will have grown back to a lovely green bushy tree.

On the other hand if we remove deer then families with not so much money will not be able to stock up their freezers with all the meat. Even some of the people make a living out of shooting deer and get money but only just enough to buy the essentials. If all the deer were removed then you could find another activity in NZ.

  • Fishing.
  • Duck shooting.
  • Pig hunting.
  • Hare hunting\rabbit hunting.

Even though I like our native animals and trees I think we should NOT completely remove deer from New Zealand because otherwise what will happen to the people that can’t afford food from the shop. Will they starve?

Why we should hunt for deer!Why we should remove deer from our forests!

  • some people are poor so they hunt to save money.p.4

  • Families live on the meat.p.4

  • The deer eat our trees and will make New Zealand’s bush disrepair.p.9

  • So our freezers can be packed full of meat.

  • Because some people think hunting is a cool sport.

  • Some people are making a living and getting paid to go hunting.

  • Their species will die out.

  • People like deer .

  • To keep New Zealand beautiful.

  • Animals are losing their habitats.

  • They are ruining our environment.


  1. Wow Casey!
    I like both of your things. I also like the question at the end.
    Well done!

  2. Great Lizard!
    I like your Deer debate. I love both sides of the story and your question at the end.
    Do you think we should keep deer or eradicate them?