Tuesday, June 26, 2012

My fraction and decimal reflection!

Reflection for fractions and decimals!

· Something I was pleased with was how fast I learnt decimals because I thought they would be really hard but I got them in the end.

· I really enjoyed learning fractions because they are interesting and they make you think with lots of fun ways to learn them.

· Something I found hard was when Mr Moriarty added different colored blocks into a tower and asked us what fraction they were.
· Something that made me think was decimals with the hundredths and tenths and ones Because I didn't really get them.

.    Something I want to get better at is decimals

   .     What can I do about it? practise practise practise makes perfect.

The green blocks are 3

This is a ten block tower and I am going to give you the decimal of each of the colours.
Blue: 0.1
And that is how you tell fractions.

Oh thank you. Save your applause. I know I am awesome.

Friday, June 22, 2012

How to be a panda

How To Be A Panda from Kieren Moriarty on Vimeo.

Me and my friend Felicity made a video about how to be a panda. Hope you like it.


Dear V.M Jones

My teacher just finished reading your great novel Buddy. I really loved it and I am sure I am speaking for the rest of the class. It had a lot of mixed emotions and it was touching some of the chapters were sad and some were happy and some were exiting. Oh I forgot, my name is Casey.

My favourite parts was when Josh\Buddy got a little puddy cat and it fell into the bath when it was trying to attack Josh’s toes and that is how it found its name. I also like the part where Suzane picked up Splash and cradled it like a little baby when it had knocked over the paint can and Suzanne was not angry at him and Josh was thinking wow is there another side to Suzanne that I don't know about.

My favourite characters were Chontel, Suzanne, Josh and Jake I like them because:

  1. Chantel is funny and quiet.
  2. Josh is a good brother to chose Jake over winning.
  3. Suzanne is like a ball of fluff and is very weird.
  4. Jake is a very outrages person even though he has special needs he believes in himself.

I love your book and hope you can write some more books like that and it would be exceptional if you could find time to visit our school Parkvale School New Zealand.

Your sincerely


Thursday, June 21, 2012

Extraterrestrial ET search


  • Something from a different place.
  • Out of this world- planets-stars.
  • Scientists study what life is on other planets.
  • Immigrants like ETs.

  • How far away are these plants with possible life on it?
  • How could different planets support life on it?
  • How long have scientists been looking for life?
  • Has anybody seen life on another planet before?
  • How many people have been to outer space?
  • Why was Yuri Gagarin hold Valentina Tereshkova ear?
  • How long does it take to go to outer space or other plants?

  • That people think they have seen UFOs in space.
  • You have to wear a helmet like in the movies.
  • There has been a woman in space.
  • Heat from the sun takes about 8 minutes until it reaches earth.

We read a book about extraterrestrial and we had to do a KWL (what we know what we want to know and what we have learned) and this is my KWL I hope you like it.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Lorax

This is my visioning of the Lorax Mr M our teacher read us a book called The Lorax and we could do a drawing about it. 

Monday, June 18, 2012

My term two reflection


My favourite in Reading has been my questions and answers.

Something I have learnt is that some people want to remove deer from New Zealand completely here is a link to my blog post.

My next step is to stop and take a breath at full stops.


This is my favourite writing here is a link to my favourite writing.

I am proud of this piece of writing because I have used heaps of punctuation in it and I like it here is the link to go to see it.

I have learnt...
  • How to make a proper sentence.
  • Punctuation.

My next step is to add punctuation

I like my blog because people can see what I have been up to and what work I have been doing and people can comment on my work.

This is my favourite post because it tells you all about New Zealand and what things are we endangering our native flora and fauna and what are helping them. click here if you want to see it.

I like commenting on blogs because It is a good way of letting them know what you think of their work
This is my favourite comment click here to see my favourite comment (link).


This is my favourite maths click here to view it

I a
proud of my maths knowledge test click here to view it.

I have learnt

  • about fractions

  • and decimals

Something I find challenging is decimals because it is confusing with the tenths hundredths and thousandths

My next step is improper fractions

What I think of my term two reflection

· Something I was pleased with was that I completed it and successfully put in links to the websites or my work on my blog.

Friday, June 15, 2012

My toondoo!

This is my toondo I hope you like it. Follow the link to see what I have made. To make your own follow this link to make your own.

Thursday, June 14, 2012



He aha tenei ahua?

He ________ tena ahua

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Deer debate.

Deers are apart of New Zealand they are pests though they eat our native plants which to some birds or other animals it is their home and when they go back to their home they think they are lost because they can’t find their home. When someone puts a fence around a certain area where the tree has been munched on for a month or so it will have grown back to a lovely green bushy tree.

On the other hand if we remove deer then families with not so much money will not be able to stock up their freezers with all the meat. Even some of the people make a living out of shooting deer and get money but only just enough to buy the essentials. If all the deer were removed then you could find another activity in NZ.

  • Fishing.
  • Duck shooting.
  • Pig hunting.
  • Hare hunting\rabbit hunting.

Even though I like our native animals and trees I think we should NOT completely remove deer from New Zealand because otherwise what will happen to the people that can’t afford food from the shop. Will they starve?

Why we should hunt for deer!Why we should remove deer from our forests!

  • some people are poor so they hunt to save money.p.4

  • Families live on the meat.p.4

  • The deer eat our trees and will make New Zealand’s bush disrepair.p.9

  • So our freezers can be packed full of meat.

  • Because some people think hunting is a cool sport.

  • Some people are making a living and getting paid to go hunting.

  • Their species will die out.

  • People like deer .

  • To keep New Zealand beautiful.

  • Animals are losing their habitats.

  • They are ruining our environment.

Food scraps.

Food scraps.

Dear Parkvale School,

Each and every day a whopping amount of food scraps get dumped into our rubbish bins. However if we had separate bins then room 20 could put it in our worm farm.

If we have a fundraiser to raise some money we could buy separate bins for each class. One with food scraps, one with paper and cardboard,  one with plastic,  then with all the food scraps we could take them down to room 20 and give it to us because we have a worm farm that can recycle the food scraps instead of just throwing them away. Also if you throw them away it goes to the dump. Recycling food scraps is the right thing to do.

If we recycle food scraps then we could put them in room 20’s worm farm. Then we could use the worm’s toilet droppings and put them in the garden to make the plants grow wild and with all the plants growing it will look great.   

I say get separate bins and stop being litterbugs put a stop to littering!  Room 20 have  rubbish groups and one of the groups are food scraps and we are trying to recycle food scraps.

My Questions and Answers!

This is a native bird that is getting killed

1.  What could be brought in to stop the rabbits? Ferrets, stoats and weasels.

2. Who can not live 24 hours without enough food to eat? Stoats.

3.  Why might the farmers be laying poison? The mustelids weren’t killing the rabbits like planed.

4. How will we transport the animals to New Zealand? A boat.

5. Why should the rabbits be removed from NZ? The rabbits are destroying our hillsides and eating all of the grass.

1. How will we get rid of heather? The heather beetle.

2. Who will bulldoze and burn gorse? Farmers that don’t want gorse around.

3. How should we get rid of gorse? By pulling it out and bulldozing it down.

4. Who might be able to help get rid of our pests and plants? The D.O.C (Department of conservation) and the New Zealanders.

5. What could we do to help the  heather beetles eat the heather? Release them were the heather is.

Friday, June 8, 2012

My favourite blog!

Voice Recorder >>
Mr M gave a a homework challenge for the week and the challenge was to pick your favourite blog and do a report about it.

The blog I choose was Hannah's blog I choose this blog because there is nearly every morning when I am doing blog comments there is a new post here is a link.

Here is a comment I have done on Hannah's blog.

So that is my report I hope you like it!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

My Maths Knowledge test.

This is how good I think I did on my Knowledge test and what I think I need to work on.
This is where I did my recording.
Reflection for my maths test.
· Something I was pleased with was my number bonds because I didnt think i would know all of them as quick.
I really enjoyed doing the test because I did not know where I was at with my knowledge.

Something I found hard was rounding because I never really got it.

· Something that made me think was ____ -10=4 because i thought it said 10-4=__.

Something I want to get better at is write the numbers and words
What can I do about it? practice and more practice.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

My noun poem!

This is my noun poem. We had to find nouns from around our class room and say something about them and this is what I did.

Noun poem

Charger-Charging the computer because it is running out of life.

Speaker-Talking out loud to the people.

Keyboard-tap, tapping as the children are working away
Plug-The charger is plugged into the wall.
Jungle mural-Up there being proud of itself.
Light-Dangling down from the ceiling giving out powerful light to the class.
Books- cursing the fancy netbooks.
Chair-Thinking ouch stop sitting on me.
Tea-towel-Cooped up in a corner dusting away.
Shoes-Stomp, stomp, stomping away when people walk.
Whistle-Hanging up on the hook waiting to be used.