Thursday, May 3, 2012

Maths Reflection

Maths Reflection 30/04/12 multiplication strategies

· Something I was pleased with was… I understood most of the strategies.
…because… MR M explained them well and he helped me get it.

· I really enjoyed learning… How to make equipment help you understand it more.

…because… with some questions you  could do it in your head but with other questions you couldn't do it in your head so you had to use equipment.

· Something I found hard was… The rounding and compensating strategy.

· Something that made me think was… when MR M put a number over 13 e.g 8 times 24 and I got confused.
                  …because…That was the first time I had to do a question like that.

· Something I want to get better at is… Using equipment to solve a question.

          (What can I do about it?)


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  1. Good, clear thinking about how you are learning multiplication strategies, Casey.

    It is about being able to choose a strategy that suits the problem and connecting to the knowledge which will help you solve it.

  2. Your are very clever Casey.
    It is good you understand more.

  3. Wow Casey!
    Great Reflection.
    You are really good at maths.
    Out of all the strategies what one was the best?

  4. Wow done Lizard you did great, your speech is nice and clear so we could understand what you were saying.
    Dis this take you a little while to get it perfect, because it did for mine?