Saturday, April 28, 2012

Monday Morning

“Casey, yoo hoo come snuggle with us. Are you awake?” Mum and Dad called out excitedly.
“I am now,” I replied sluggishly.
“Well come on then open the curtains,” said Mum.
“I would rather stay in bed but here I come.”

“It is a school day!” yelled Dad.
“Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!” I fell out of bed and rushed in, opened the curtains, sat on the bed and told Dad and Jackson what I brought yesterday. While mum was in the shower, they told me what they brought in Hamilton at the v.8s. When she had finished, it was Jackson's turn.

I ran into the kitchen.
“What do you want on your toast?” Dad asked.
“ Same as always,” I replied.
“ You'll have to hurry cause Jackson came out of the shower. it is your turn to go in.
“He....llo ho....w wa...s th...e sh...ower?” I asked Jackson as I was stuffing all the toast into my mouth.
“Good” Jackson replied.
“Why school? Why can't it still be holidays?” I said disappointed.
“Because otherwise you would not learn anything and then you will not get a job and you will not get a good healthy home and anyway I thought you wanted to be a soccer star.”
“Oh that’s true everyone needs to go to school until they are how old are they again.”
“I don't know anyway you need to get in the showe.r”
“Fine then, I don't see the point in having a shower. I will just get hot and sweaty after running around at school all day.”
“Come on you need to get in the shower,” Dad said while shoving me in while I was still talking. “Finally she is in the shower,” I heard him say.

When I was out of the shower I went into my room and got dressed then went back to the kitchen to eat my rice bubble breakfast, kissed my Mum and Brother goodbye cause Mum was taking Jackson to school and Dad was taking me.
“Time to go!” Dad said. He gave me a fright. When we were at school I kissed Dad goodbye and left I hope “I have a good day I thought to myself.”


  1. Great discriptive writing Lizard. Mum.

  2. You have done really well with this personal experience writing, Casey.

    You have selected interesting details, used strong descriptive words and interesting direct speech. Also, it's good to see you learning to punctuate speech and group your sentences into paragraphs.

  3. Awesome Casey!

    You show your personality a lot in this writing. You use your direct speech well and you described how you said something and how you did something.
    Oh and you are Nineteen when you leave school.

    1. Thank you Stefan

      now I know what age I am going to leave school.

  4. "Amazing descriptive Language!"
    Stefan is right, it does show your personality.

  5. Hey Casey,
    Your writing is really awesome!
    I love how you were really surprised it was school.
    Keep it up!