Wednesday, March 28, 2012

White Water Rafting and Boo Boo

We are actually going white water rafting I can't believe it. Bones was our instructor for the day his real name was David but everyone called him bones. I asked him if the dog Boo boo was allowed on the boat too. 
He said "yes, he is always allowed to come on the boat."
I said "Boo Boo come here puss, I mean dog oops sorry." 
"Now 123 heave, 123 heave 123, heave," we said as we pulled the boat into the cold water. As soon as I stepped into the river my heart skipped a beat. 

Finally down to the real action. "All forward!" Bones yelled. We were all confused. He forgot to tell us what that meant. It meant we had to paddle forward and "all back" meant we had to paddle backward and last of all "right forward left back" meant we were going to spin around. Oh no! We are going through our first rapid. I hope I don’t fall out.


  1. cool I love the writing its great its the best writing I have ever read

  2. Very descriptive writing casey - did boo boo jump in the water with you?


  3. Wow Casey, Really descriptive writing. I love how you said that you skipped a heart beat. It is a very affective piece of writing. I really like the writing.
    Hannah Hansen